Open Letter To Congress

Perfectly stated.


I realize that you are all corrupt, and are indebted to special interest groups and donors, however, this does not allow for your inaction in addressing treasonous activity, regardless of the position that the perpetrator holds.

In this particular instance, I am referring to your lack of attention and inaction referencing President Barack Obama.  Are you going to  allow our country to fall into the hands of the United Nations?  Have you no regard for the sovereignty of the United States?  Are you going to ignore the fact that Barack Obama is using executive action to surrender our nation to the UN?

Our forefathers drew up a constitution to protect us from, exactly, this type of behavior.  Since when has the United States sponsored terrorism?  This is exactly what Barack Obama did, when he gave $400,000,000.00 to Iran for release of hostages, thereby painting a target on any American traveling…

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A Warning to America from a Former Muslim: They Are Coming to Kill You! (Video)

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I began weeping as I watched this woman begging Christians in America to repent and to fast and pray. She is a born again believer – turned from Islam to Jesus. She is telling Americans that we are at war and we don’t even know it.  She is telling Americans that there are at least 5000 ISIS members in the U.S. right now!

This is TRULY a call to prayer and fasting. This is a call to repentance!

Message from Her: IŞIK ABLA

I made my choice. What about you?
I came to a point that I had to make a decision. Whether I have to please Christ or people. Whether I had to open my mouth to expose evil or stay quiet and watch the devil at work. There is a price tag to please God. There is also a…

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Links that can’t be shortened

Quick medical tips: Skin Glue

U.S. Should Copy the Great Wall of Saudi Arabia:

U.S. Should Copy The Great Wall Of Saudi Arabia

7 Times Hillary Threatened, Smeared and Targeted Women:


Who’s Endorsed Donald Trump?

Who is endorsing Donald Trump for president? Well, just about everyone! I’m going to try to keep this updated. Tweet me @LionsOmega if you know someone who’s not on the list.

The National Black Republican Association
Mike Ditka, Former NFL Coach
























Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
Conservative Activist, Founder Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schafly
th (4)
Dr. Ben Carson, Surgeon, Presidential Contender



Senator Jeff Sessions

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New England PBA Police Union




Pat Robertson, CBN, 700 Club founder
Sen. Mark R. Maynard, WV





















Bruce Willis, Actor





Is Donald Trump Foiling a Globalist American Coup d’Etat?

The gloves are off with globalists and their sheeple coming out of the woodwork to attack American front-running presidential candidate Donald Trump’s candidacy.

But how far are they willing to take it?  Is Trump literally foiling the globalists’ plans and timetable for a Western coup d’etat?  If so, the #Brexit leaders are going to be in just as much trouble — and soon!  Look at what’s happening in Europe and you can see the handwriting on the wall.  Do you think it will be the same four years from now?

We need to put the pieces of this puzzle together and start asking some pointed questions regarding globalists’ plans and why they are getting so upset over one potential presidential term.

Unfortunately I am working on a tablet that hates me, with limited data, and on a blog site with limited free space available, so this article won’t be exhaustive.  I trust you to see the dangers we are facing for yourselves, and use your own God-given reasoning abilities to ask yourself  questions.

[gloh-buh-liz-uh m] 


the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations.

I use this term not only as representative of an ideology, but also as the world view of what many refer to as the “global elitists” — those who believe in instituting a New World Order upon the earth, with one ruler and a division of the world into global “districts,” with lesser leaders.  These global districts will have much in common: laws, justice, regulations, authorized religion (temporarily), trade, etc.  It will not be a democracy; it will be totalitarian in nature, enslaving the population in much the same way as Communism: you will be told what to think, what’s appropriate to say, where you work, where you live, etc.  It’s success depends on many factors — some of which you will recognize (partial list):

  • All healthcare controlled by the government.  If you get sick at this point, the government can refuse you treatment and medication.
  • Food distribution controlled by the government.
  • Government owns all land, roads, water, etc.  You are allowed the privilege of living at the government’s sufferance.  Your standing (and where you will live) is determined by your education, profession, skills, and to some extent, your age.  Don’t expect to have a long life or retirement since you’ll be living off the State.
  • Gun control.  Or I should say, confiscation.  Only those in ultimate power, the State police and military will be armed.
  • Population must be maintained for the benefit of the world.  Forced sterilization and abortions; euthanasia of the aged, infirm, and mentally-challenged.
  • Sacrifice for the common good and well-being of the global community.
  • Your children are wards of the State, which determines their education, skills, placement in society, and indoctrination into the globalist ideology.

Obviously, to have this type of system in place, you need to engineer a global mindset (Common Core, entertainment media, MSM talking points, political changes, etc).  No more individualism because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  A distorted view of liberty takes place, where the “true” liberty is under the umbrella of the parent government, who takes care of you, provides for you, and protects you.

For millennia, great and powerful men have sought to conquer the world.  To date, it has yet to happen, but the need to conquer and control that burns inside some powerful men (and women) has never changed.  It is still within many today.  Those with money and power, with this same need to control others and force their views of a perfect society on the world are using their wealth, power and privilege to do just that.  In our times, in our society, in our nations.  They have the wealth, power and most of the political influence they need to do so now.  So what stands in their way?

Western civilizations and their freedom-loving peoples, that’s what.  In order for the globalist agenda to flourish, freedom-loving societies must fail.  The extent of that failure to be determined by the amount of resistance by those fighting the loss of their individual liberties; the stronger the resistance, the greater the force that is needed to conquer.

In the case of an armed America, it has to be gradual, at first.  And we’ve been seeing it:

  • Recent restrictions on firearms, and the continual push for gun control legislation
  • The redefining of our Constitutional amendments and illegal legislations pushed through the House and Senate
  • The incredible, dictatorial, illegal Executive Orders granting absolute authority to the government and it’s agencies
  • The doggone policies and exponential growth of the agencies themselves — DHS, DARPA, FEMA, etc.
  • The federalization and militarization of our police forces
  • The militarization of non-police forces
  • Allowance of foreign troops on our bases to be armed, but not our troops
  • Submission of our government to unconstitutional U.N. resolutions; the allowance of U.N. forces within our borders
  • The war against our military: purging, foreignizing, genderizing, DEmilitarizing, defunding, ordering muliti-billion-dollar aircraft and weapons that aren’t as good as what we have, the lack of supplies, spreading our forces out thinly all over the world, lack of treatment and proper medications at VA facilities, etc., etc., ad nauseum.
  • Instigation of class, ethnic and racial warfare to an extent never witnessed before in our nation; the promotion and exaltation of rioting, violence and looting
  • Economic breakdown, degrading of the income of the “backbone” middle-class and small-business owners (making the middle class poorer and widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots), loss of jobs, stock market manipulation and removal of unethical restrictions
  • FDA complicit with Big Pharma in over medicating Americans, allowing GMOs and drugs without adequate testing, making us unhealthy (add to that the chemicals and unnatural things we ingest through our skin, water and foods; GM animals, geoengineering sprays, fluoride — endless list the government is doing to us rather than protecting us from)
  • OPEN BORDERS/Immigration/Amnesty/Refugee “Crisis” — Basically, an invasion force as an army to wreak havoc by placing undue financial burdens on taxpayers, and as a militant force to institute “multiculturalism” (globalism) through legal channels and also to bring about rapid political change through enabled rioting, to break down the social structure, causing fear, distrust and anger, in order that more freedoms can be restricted through laws and increasing martial law.  The refugee Muslim population can also be used as a foreign terrorist army to neutralize homeland combatants and bomb major cities or events.

I believe that in this coming term of office, the globalists have planned to cripple America.  With America neutralized as a foreign power, with civil conflict and legislation pushed through effectively undermining or negating the Constitution, the globalists can move in and put their New World Order into place.

The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)

Short and sweet: this is the Kingmaker organization in America.  The only candidates put forth by the Democratic or Republican parties are all CFR members or have CFR staff that closely monitor and advise them.  You are given no choice but to vote for a CFR candidate.  (For more information on CFR, click here or here.)

Therefore, it goes against the globalist plans for Donald Trump to be running for president.  Not only is he NOT someone they’ve chosen, but he’s winning.  And his platform is everything they’re trying to ruin in America for their own evil, selfish ends.  Their goals are the globalist coup d’etat of America, and they’re terrified those plans could be set back for however long he is in office.  Since that is only a four-year term, what are they planning on doing to us, to America, during these next four years?

A new Amerika, maybe?


Some Final Thoughts

Many people still consider the New World Order to be a “conspiracy theory.” In fact, if you looked it up on Wikipedia, that’s exactly how they describe it.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account the various world leaders that have mentioned it in public speeches and interviews, most notable of recent memory being Henry Kissinger and both President Bushes.  Google “New World Order quotes” and you’ll find many, many more.

Also, did you know there is a New World Order card game?  And one of the cards is “Assassination Attempt.” Look at this:


If you google “images NWO game cards” you can find some sites with pictures of more of the card faces.  Warning: Reads like today’s headlines.


The GOP’s Battle Against GOP Voters — The Narrative Many Are Swallowing

Do you ever wonder why the leftist groups are so successful?  One reason is they know how to utilize social media.  An activation goes out, and those in the given area mobilize into action — and keep it up until the objective has been reached or the “Thank you!” is received.

Another reason is the MSM.  Controlled by incestuous like-minded individuals, they are on the side of who pays their paycheck and most are themselves victims or believers in the globalist agenda.  So they give the SJWs plenty of coverage for their trouble, while the globalists fund the activists.  They also spin the stories, which I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Lastly — and more importantly — they have the globalist shadow government on their side, which controls politicians and political leaders.  Never in history since our atin’s founding has it been more apparent than in the last 3+ years. Up until then, we had the illusion that our party was working for us.  Maybe not all of them, but most of them. They just didn’t have enough representatives to stand up to the dictatorial and treasonous left.  This last congressional term quickly disabused us of that notion.  The pandering to the left continued, though all the while they were still “talking tough” in an effort to keep us complacent.

Well, it didn’t work.  We were no longer complacent; we wanted action.  But action never came.  The majority of our representatives had “suddenly” become deaf, dumb, and blind.  It had taken the worst administration in our history to prove we were no longer in control.  And then we realized we had landed in a deeper pile of cow poo than we were ever in before.  Because the ones we elected to fix the problems were bought — not by the voters who elected them — but by the elitist donors who paid for their campaigns!

In other words, the shadow government.  Wealthy men and women who want a global government (because ruling just one or two nations just isn’t enough.)

Now, we’re on the cusp of a desperate attempt to legally take back our country, only to find out at the 11th hour the shadow government is so pervasive they feel they have nothing to lose by coming out of the closet and attacking their “own.”

Their own voters, and a candidate they can’t control.  Why?  Because the candidate won’t do their bidding, and the people refuse to stay as docile as their bought-off “representatives.”  They want the candidate that can’t be controlled.  They want someone who will restore our liberty, free speech, rights, and listen to US for a change.  You know, the way it’s supposed to be.

But the powers that be don’t like that.


And now they’re using their leftist tools, which have changed the fabric of America, on us.  And many of us are buying the narrative.

At first we thought that was a good thing; it was bringing the global left hidden within our party out into the open.  We were successfully forcing the shadow government to come out of the shadows.  And to a large extent it has worked.  But what we didn’t bargain for was that some of our own, the GOP voters, would swallow the Alinsky tactics and side with them!

And strangely enough, they don’t see they’re doing it!


What has amazed me the most about the rioting at Trump’s Chicago rally wasn’t the riot itself.  We knew the shadow government controlling the GOPe was desperately coming against Trump: the “secret meetings” and private jets confirming what had already been leaked.  What we didn’t know and didn’t see coming was the leftist tactics being deployed that would be believed by so many GOP voters!

It’s not like we’re unaware of these tactics.  We know how the left redefines things.  We can recognize their narrative coming at us from a mile away.  So why are so many conservative — even Christian — voters being “taken in” by the narrative that the riot was Trump’s fault?

Self-interest.  Blind, willful self-interest.  They think by holding this lie from the pit of hell up like a standard their candidate will get more votes.  And the Devil himself could be their candidate and they wouldn’t care.  They justify it, as liberals do, that it’s the end result that matters.

The Nazis and every single dictator since the beginning of time have done the same.

What they aren’t seeing is that they’re cutting their own throats and validating the liberal agenda against the First Amendment, siding with the very people determined to silence free speech and bring us under forms of Sharia law.  They don’t see that by blaming Trump for the riots, they are complicit in the left’s accusations that we bring terrorism on ourselves when we point out things like:

  • Islam is not compatible with our laws
  • Islam is a political ideology, not a religion
  • Mohammed was a murderer, pedophile and rapist, which encourages his followers to do the same
  • That We The People want an end to the Muslim migration into America (making us “racist” and “intolerant” and worthy of persecution)
  • We want a wall to secure our borders; no more amnesty, all immigration legal & immigrants properly vetted
  • Kick out illegal immigrants, forcing them to go through legal channels and background checks
  • Americans and legals come first
  • The Constitution stands
  • All Lives Matter
  • Abortion is morally wrong and reprehensible
  • PC is stupid
  • Liberals are stupid
  • Yadda yadda yadda

Also, by blaming Trump for the riots instead of the criminal left, they are confirming to the globalists and all of America that:

  • We need to be careful what we say.  If we aren’t, there can be consequences.  Some snowflake or racist or fascist might get their feelings hurt, and then what they do to retaliate will be justified.  (PC, folks.)
  • We can’t point out the truth, because it might offend someone.
  • That if you speak your mind some lunatic who can’t handle truth is going to freak out and the consequences will be your fault, not theirs.
  • That veterans, including myself, have served and many given their lives so these pantywaists can fill the air with their noxious words, but we dare not open our own mouths  or speak the truth because it could make someone cry or need a psychologist!

Which is what they want you to think, so they can justify silencing your free speech.  This is the end result of political correctness, folks.  And notice it’s called political correctness, not social-, moral- or religious-correctness.  Political.  Shadow government.  And if you don’t comply? 

Is this the message you want your children to embrace?  That, like in Sweden it’s okay for your daughters to be raped because it’s their fault (because they weren’t wearing a burka or walking with a male escort, thereby provoking the violence)?  And the government silencing the offense when you report it?  And the enemies of all that is good and right can say and do whatever they want without fear of reprisal because you are the intolerant one?

It’s coming, and sooner than you think.

Unless you set aside your loyalty to your party or candidate, and embrace what is right and just.  Speech is free; violence against free speech is not.  You can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution.  Pitiful, or powerful — you must make up your mind now what legacy you want to leave for your children.  Our convictions should compel us, not self-interest.  So you decide: Which legacy will you fight for?  The legacy of slavery or the legacy freedom?